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This course is designed to break down the fundamentals and technicals to trading in simplest form, so therefore if you are a beginner then you will be able to become profitable sooner and understand the flow of the market quicker. 

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Steps To A Successful Trader

Learn the necessities needed to become a profitable trader

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We will not tolerate any disruptions in our chats or false information

DO NOT give any signals or tell others to take any trades

DO NOT Leak any information from within the Academy to outside sources

DO NOT HOST ANY SESSIONS unless given permission to do so.


Learn how to trade binary options and Forex.

Fundamental Analysis- Understanding How Economies play a role in controls the Foreign Exchange market.

Technical Analysis- Understanding When to Buy/Sell a Currency and when to exit a trade.

Mindset - Reprogramming your mind to be discipline and patient is the most important part of Trading.

How to manage an account (risk and understanding lots/options)

1 on 1 Sessions

Access to a telegram chat, No signals, but we can give our analysis and give feedback.

Live group zoom calls where we will have sessions analyzing the market and giving each other advice to help each other grow.

Resources (Website to Use).


DISCLAIMER, We are not Licensed traders or financial advisors. Capital Powerhouse is a platform where you can learn the fundamentals of Trading and make money while learning. We are not responsible for if you blow your account or any lost of money, for we will not provide any signals or tell you trades to take on MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, or any binary Options trading platform. Every financial action you take on your own, we are not responsible for. Also Past profits does not dictate future profits. With This being said, we hope our platform will still be able to help you grow as a trader, and Welcome to the Family!